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William Windels



Since not everything is accessible in ms outlook, like the treadview in outlook 2010, I was wondering If I am missing something.


My question:

I have several mail messages from always the same sender and sometimes the same subject and I want just to have always

Only the newest mail with that subject.

This messages come from the 4me ticketing system as notification so, the subject starts with request #  and then a number and after it, the subject of the ticket.


Since every change in the ticket generates a new mailmessage and only the last message is important for me, I would like that outlook cleans all old messages so that only the newest message from each ticket stays in the inbox.


Making treads and cleam up them , does not work perhaps it’s not a discussion and/or , all mails are from the same sender.


I need a rule like this:

Remove all the mails inwith the same subject that are older then the newest one.


Any hint is very welcome


Kind regards,

William Windels




William Windels


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