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Hi, Michael. Before you search for cut, search for lower audio. Once you find the Lower audio volume of programs while JAWS speaks check box from your search, uncheck this box. Then proceed to search for the word cut, and proceed as you did before. Now the speech cut feature should be available. Then, be sure to save your settings in Default Configuration.


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From: [] On Behalf Of Michael Munn
Sent: Monday, July 27, 2020 10:34 PM
Subject: Speech cut feature is unavailable


Hey y'all, it's michael again. I'm sending this email message just want to ask how to enable the feature of Speech Cut? Everytime when I try to enable this feature, it say  that it's unavailable.

here is the voice feedback that I got from Jaws 

 Avoid speech cut off when using Bluetooth headphones or some sound cardsUnavailable
Only available when Lower audio volume of programs while JAWS speaks checkbox is unchecked.

and here are the steps that I took to get to the problem. 

1. Press Insert+6 to enable the settings center, 

2. I pressed the command CTRL+Shift+D to bring up the user default application. 

3. After I bring up the user default application, I typed the word cut in the edit field. 

4. After I typed the word  cut, I pressed down arrow to search the Speech Cut feature. 

and an issue started to occur. What did I do wrong? 

Thanks a lot. 

Best regards 

michael Munn 


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