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Richard Turner


Well, this works with Narrator, but not with Jaws 2020.


Apparently, the menu opens, but Jaws says squat.

I can tab or arrow until my fingers fall off and nothing.

But, when I hear “menu” if I hit enter, an emoji is selected.


Is there a setting in Jaws to make this work?




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Subject: Re: emoji on windows 10



Actually, turn caps lock off.




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Subject: emoji on windows 10


I ran in tot his today and it’s new to me on my computer but I though I would share how to do it.


Turn caps lock on

Press and hold windows and semicolon together

Arrow over to categories and tab to the different emoji’s on the screen

Press enter on the emoji you desire and it will allow you to stay in the category for multiple emoji fun


Can anyone add anything I missed to this?

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