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David Reynolds <david@...>



Other combinations work fine. When I press route jaws to pc, nothing happens, and jaws says nothing. However, it does switch on the jaws cursor.

Tried restarting jaws, and when that failed, restarted PC, all to no avail,






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Sent: 24 July 2020 01:29
Subject: Re: Route jaws to PC no longer working


It doesn’t sound crazy at all. Keyboards can short out very easily and that’s one of the primary symptoms – some of the keys will not work. A good reason not to eat and drink in front of your computer I guess *grins*…

But before we go there – what happens when you press jaws key + minus then? Does jaws announce anything? Or is it silent? DO other jaws key combinations work? What if you turn keyboard help on—can you use the combinationt hen?

Finally, you tried just restarting jaws and/or the computer?




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Sent: July 23, 2020 6:27 PM
Subject: Re: Route jaws to PC no longer working


This might sound crazy, but test with another keyboard if you have an extra. I had a keyboard quit working with the Escape and numpad delete key. Different keyboard, back to working.





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From: David Reynolds <david@...>
Sent: Thursday, July 23, 2020 4:03 PM
Subject: Route jaws to PC no longer working



Using jaws key numpad minus to route jaws to pc is no longer working.

I’m using the latest version of JAWS, and I’m hoping that this is something I’ve messed up rather than a bug in jaws.


Very grateful for any help with this,



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