moderated Re: talking win 10 pe vm ware player issue

Glenn / Lenny

You need to put the .ISO into the vmware utility.
The .EXE is the self-installer.
If you have 7ZIP, you can use the applications key on the .EXE file, and open archive, and arrow to the .ISO and press F5 to copy it out of the .EXE file.
Then put the .ISO into vmware.

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Sent: Thursday, July 23, 2020 11:16 PM
Subject: talking win 10 pe vm ware player issue

Hi. Downloaded the 64 bit version of the windows 10 talking pe. Now got vm ware player latest version, and now when I then do control g, and did copy the talking winpe .exe into the folder where the virtual machine is. So, why am I not getting speech, when play the virtual machine. Got 2 processors, 2 gb ram, a 60 gb hard disk. Plenty of hard drive space. So what happens in the folder, try to run the setup.exe in the virtual machine folder in file explorer. Will theat install to the virtual machine.

Very odd. Was waiting for 10 minutes or more, no speech. Etc.



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