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Patrick Murphy

Hi Enrique,

i tried your suggestion.

insert+g opens the graphics labeler, but jaws tells me that i am not on a
graphic with the jaws cursor.
i have routed it to the graphic, i even did a lef click on it just to be
sure, but it still says that it is not positioned.
the only thing i have discovered, and quite by accident, is that the custom
label sticks, even though jaws does not read it.
then, if i press insert+ctrl+g, jaws gives me a list of graphics.
the graphics i have assigned a custome label to then show their custom
labels, but this is a real pain.
the graphics hold numbers, which are confirmation numbers for a shutdown.
the same graphics appear if you want to dismount a disk.
i suppose, that if there is no other way to do this, the custom label option
and insert+ctrl+g will have to do.
however, if you have another idea, i would be greatful for it.
these must be some sort of funny type of graphics.
i informed buffalo about it last year, and they said they would do something
about it.
however, as we all know, big companies dont pay any attention to this, as we
are in the minority, and especially when it comes to things like nas

cheers anyway,


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At 08:37 AM 7/22/2020, Patrick Murphy wrote:
>Ye, that might work, if only I could actually label the graphic.

You can, Pat. Just route the JAWS cursor to each of the graphics and
label them with insert+G. If the numbers that appear as graphics are
displayed in different permutations each time you visit the site, the
labeled graphics will be read as they appear, which makes them quite
Custom labels are not used for labeling graphics; they're for
labeling controls that JAWS reports as "unlabeled" (E.G. buttons).
But these are not unlabeled controls; they're graphics. So use the
graphics labeler rather than the custom labeler.

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