moderated Re: How do I approach an employer regarding installing JAWS on a PC they're giving me for my job?

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Well, Do they know you are blind?
You could point out that you need the Jaws screen reader is necessary to do your job.
You will need someone with administrator rights to install it.
The good news is if you want to save them having to buy Jaws, you should be able to install it under your license.
Then, arrange to uninstall it whenever you leave the job down the road.

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I’ve just been hired as a customer service representative, a work from home job.  For my work, I’ll be using a PC that they’re providing. I’d try to convince them to allow me to use my laptop, but I have to use their headset to do my job, and I suspect it wouldn’t work on my system. I think it uses Windows 10, but I don’t know the version. With all this in mind, I’m hoping to install JAWS on it. I do, however, have some questions to ask.


First, how do I approach them regarding installing JAWS on the PC? I don’t know much about Narrator, and I do know more about JAWS, so that would make me more productive from the start. I would rather not bring up the A.D.A. unless I have to.


My other concern is installing JAWS itself. Since this PC is specifically for work, I suspect they have limited what can be installed on it. What do I need to tell them I need to install it?


I get this PC on Friday, and my training begins on Monday morning.  The good news is I have all weekend to sort this out. The bad news is I think there won’t be people who can help me that work there over the weekend. This is why I’m writing this note tonight. I have all day tomorrow to get advice and ideas.


Thanks in advance.


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