moderated How do I approach an employer regarding installing JAWS on a PC they're giving me for my job?

Kevin Minor



I’ve just been hired as a customer service representative, a work from home job.  For my work, I’ll be using a PC that they’re providing. I’d try to convince them to allow me to use my laptop, but I have to use their headset to do my job, and I suspect it wouldn’t work on my system. I think it uses Windows 10, but I don’t know the version. With all this in mind, I’m hoping to install JAWS on it. I do, however, have some questions to ask.


First, how do I approach them regarding installing JAWS on the PC? I don’t know much about Narrator, and I do know more about JAWS, so that would make me more productive from the start. I would rather not bring up the A.D.A. unless I have to.


My other concern is installing JAWS itself. Since this PC is specifically for work, I suspect they have limited what can be installed on it. What do I need to tell them I need to install it?


I get this PC on Friday, and my training begins on Monday morning.  The good news is I have all weekend to sort this out. The bad news is I think there won’t be people who can help me that work there over the weekend. This is why I’m writing this note tonight. I have all day tomorrow to get advice and ideas.


Thanks in advance.


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