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JM Casey

Which makes sense. Can you imagine trying to represent emojis with actual braille symbols? We already have enough obscurity with special typefaces and other things -- iE, "bold", "italics" and such in braille are really just special "brackets" and the print terms themselves are meaningless in braille, but we want to show them anyway (and we should) -- but go too far down that slope and you have endless layers of representation that are just obfuscative and confusing, especailly for beginners.

Whether emojjis are "spokeN" or not really depends on a lot of different factors -- chiefly the screen-reader being used, but also the software used to isplay those emojis in the first place.

Imo emojis are a bit of a dead end, despite what goofy stuff like 'The Emoji Story" might try to tell you.

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I am a literary braille transcribing student through the NFB. personal experience and the manual both confirm the answer to your question is no. typically anything of that sort must be identified and described in a transcribers special symbols note. hope this helps.


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´╗┐Hi folks,

Using braille, is there anyway to identify emojis? Of course, when I'm just using speech output, the characters are correctly spoken. But so far, on my Orbit 20 Plus display, all I see for emojis is two full braille cells side by side. I've figured out this is an emoji, but have no idea what it is without invoking speech.

I'd have to pull it out and connect it to test, but I think this also happened on my old RB18.

Is there anyway of identifying emojis using a braille display?



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