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Patrick Murphy <murphy.patrick42@...>

Ye, tried both of these.

I don’t have a Braille display.






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Subject: Re: assigning custom label with jaws.


Maybe  if you have a braille display, you can try that.


Try another version of JAWs, or turn off the virtual cursor.


I'll bet you that you have tried these options already, but that is where I would start.





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Subject: Re: assigning custom label with jaws.




I have tried this with both jaws 2018 and 2020 (latest update).

My windows 10 is also totally up to date, as just checked this morning.

I have a buffalo link station that i am using for storage.

When you try to shut it down, or remove an external usb disk, a confirmation number is asked for.

There are four numbers in total that you have to enter, e.g. 1234.

The numbers present themselves on the screen as graphics.

They are read by jaws as:

“graphic number_1” “graphic_number2” “graphic_number3” and “graphic_number4”.

Obviously, these are pictures. This has been confirmed by my son.

The number sequence changes, it is not always the same number, but given that, so does the picture, as it has a different number.

In the old internet explorer, i was able to assign a custom label to these numbers.

Once my son helped me to go through each number from 0 to 9, the graphics were read out correctly, no matter what sequence they appeared in.

Now, with google chrome, ms edge and brave, there does not seem to be any way to set a custom label.

Jaws is telling me that this cannot be done.

It could be that the pictures are not clickable or something like that.

Can you only create a custom label for an element on a web page that is actionable?

If so, why would internet explorer allow this, and no chrome based browser will?

From what i have read, jaws should be able to create a custom label for anything whether it is actionable or not.

Surely, this is the point of these. If there is a graphic on a web site that you just want to know what it is, a custom label should be creatable.

Am i wrong?

If so, can anyone provide an idea as to how to overcome this?

At the moment, if i want to do anything with my link station, i have to wait until someone who can see is there.

Please do not tell me to get another nas, this is not an option.


Kind regards,




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