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Yes, press alt-H to get into the chat panel. Tab over until you hear the list of participants. Arrow down the list until you hear the name of the participant you want to chat with and press enter.

That should put you in the text box for chatting with that person, but you may need to tab around to find it.



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Sent: Tuesday, July 21, 2020 2:59 PM
Subject: Chatting with Zoom


Dear Listers:


I am just now becoming acquainted with Zoom, as every week I attend a class at church that is conducted strictly via Zoom.  I have learned how to join a Zoom meeting and have learned some of the keystrokes such as Alt+1 and Alt+Y and various others.  I even know how to get into the chat window, but where I am having trouble is chatting with a participant.  I know that first after signing in or at some point during the meeting you can tab over to the panel of participants.  I know when you hit the Enter key the names of the participants will pop up and you can arrow up and down through the list.  But if you want to send a chat message to only one participant and not to everyone in the meeting, is there a way you can do that using JAWS?




Rick Miller


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