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Marty Hutchings

I think that I remember seeing something in MS Word called Rotate Text, but once you do something like that, it brakes JAWS ability to read it.
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Hi Richard, I will probably end up with a printer that I can describe what I want and get me samples for sighted opinion.  Thank you.. Hope your Well.  Andy and Shubert.


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I do not think Jaws will be able to give you the information you would need.

I would suggest seeing if someone with Aira could help you with that, or you would need to find a graphics designer who could create the template for you.





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Hello, I would like to ask for direction on setting up a letterhead.  I just
don't want to have it plain but, a bit different.  For example:
The Friends of the Salem Council on Aging.... The word Friends would be a
different Phont and a 45 Degree slant from the F of Friends being normal
position and the S of Friends being the highest ..  Can anyone explain how
to do this or direct me to a tutorial.?  Thanks so much.  Andy and Shubert
p.s. I am using Jaws 20 with MS Word 365 latest version.

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