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Ann Byrne

Very strange!

JAWS can't manage Excel after an hour or so, as you probably know. Sometimes restarting it produces miracles. If not, rebooting sometimes makes a difference.

At 08:55 PM 7/19/2020, you wrote:
Hi, Ann. Alt+shift+apostrophe reports no comment visible in this cell.
Control+shift+apostrophe says no comments visible in active window.
The application menu allows me to reply to a comment or delete it.
Jaws does report when moving in to the cell, "contains comment" with that
nice low authoritative voice..
Thanks so much for your help.
All the best, Brian

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Alt+shift+apostrophe reads the comment in the cell I am
in. Ctrl+shift+apostrophe lists cells with comments. I did use
alt+r, c to create a comment.

If you go to the applications menu there is an item to edit a comment. If
you are in the cell with the comment, this will cause JAWS to read it.

Good luck!
At 12:35 PM 7/19/2020, you wrote:
So, I put the comment in using alt+rc I believe it was.
Jaws says contains comment when in the cell but read comment command
says no comment visible in this cell.
What do I need to do to add visible comments?
All the best, Brian

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