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Do you have Edge on the taskbar? I am not sure why it disappears off your desktop, but on the taskbar it's always there and updates don't change that. I find the taskbar much more convenient for the main applications I use because I can open or switch to a program any time and from anhywhere by pressing Windows + NumberRow where NumberRow refers to the position of the program on your taskbar. I have Edge in the first position on the very left, then Outlook, then Excel etc. so pressing Windows + 1, 2 or 3 takes me to these programs respectively.

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Hi all,
Can anyone please tell me why the Edge shortcut on my desktop keeps disappearing every few days? I know the first time it was because there was a new vertion or update, but I can't emagine that there'd be an update every few days. I know how to create the shortcut thankfully, but I'd like to know if there's a reason why it keeps disappearing, it's annoying. Look forward to any suggestions that anyone can provide me! I'm running Jaws 2018, Windows 10 vertion 1909 and the latest Edge. Thanks Madison

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