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Zel Iscel

That’s interesting because in excel, I don’t get Jaws to read me everything in the cell if the row height or width is too small for the text. I press alt and H, then Jaws o then i to increase the row height and Alt h then o then w to increase the width. After that all the text in the cell is read out.


In PDF and Word docs, Jaws reads whatever is in the cell regardless of whether the text fits or not.






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My guess is that, while JAWS can read the cell contents to you, the cell width is actually not wide enough to show all the text you typed visually.  I’ve had this before when printing handouts for people.  Unfortunately, I cannot find a verbosity setting in JAWS to turn on a notification.  I used to have a setting turned on that would say “Clipped” when the text was cut off, but I wonder if that was back when I used Window Eyes, because I’m not finding a setting to toggle for that.



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Subject: reading pdf documents with jaws.




I am using excel and ms word.

When i save files as pdf, jaws reads out text even if it cannot be seen.

I had my son look at a particular document, and this is basically what he told me.


I had 8 cells of excel merged.

In this i had “if you have any questions in relation to this, please contact the company using the details above”.

When i look at it in excel, jaws reads out the entire thing.

When i save it as a pdf, jaws reads out the entire thing.

However, when my son looks at the pdf, he only sees the text as far as the word “using”.

Everything after this is truncated.

With regard to word, if i create a table, and things are not properly presented in the columns, jaws just reads it as if everything is ok.

For example, if there is too much text in a column of a table, to the eye, it looks like it is “pushed” up.

At least, thats the way my son explained it to me.

However, as i said, jaws reads it just fine in word and as a pdf.

I suppose, basically what i am trying to get at here, is:

Does anyone know of a way, to have jaws just read out what someone with sight would actually see?

To have jaws speaking text that is hidden from the eye, is causing problems.






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