moderated Re: JAWS 2020: Speech and Sounds Manager/Editing a Scheme: What Happened to the HTML Tab?

David Goldfield <david.goldfield@...>

As a follow-up I contacted FS tech support about this question. The HTML tab was removed because newer browsers are not able to provide JAWS with the same level of information and so I gather that the options in the HTML list might not be as well supported.

David Goldfield,
Blindness Assistive Technology Specialist
JAWS Certified, 2019

On 7/16/2020 6:10 PM, David Goldfield wrote:
When editing a speech and sounds scheme there used to be an HTML tab right before the last Misc tab. I've noticed that this tab is gone in the latest build of JAWS 2020. Does anyone know if this is a bug or if it was deliberately removed?

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