moderated Re: Downloading files from a shared Google Drive folder


Am I safe in presuming you have a link to the file you wish to download, e.g.,

If you activate such a link on the view screen there is a download control.  If you activate it you'll get a regular file save dialog.

I personally prefer to snag the FileID field from the link, in this case it's the long string of characters that starts with 0B and ends with zq, and tacking it on the end of this URL where FILEID is at the end:

So I'd end up with 
which should cause a save dialog to come up immediately when activated.  I wish I knew a way to tell Google Drive to treat any file I attempt to access as though the intention is to download it, but I know of no way of doing that.

If you don't have a link to the file, what are you being supplied with?

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