moderated jaws with internet controls.

Patrick Murphy



I have several nas devices on my network with different web interfaces.

The buffalo link station is particularly inaccessible.

There are various button controls on it, depending on what you are doing.

With jaws, there seems to be no way to activate them.

I have tried:

Using the “enter” key.

Pressing “spacebar”.

Routing pc to jaws and left-clicking.

Same thing but right-clicking.

Does anyone have any ideas as to how these controls might be accessed?

Buffalo say that they are addressing this, but i wont hold my breath.

I have tried it with jaws 2018 and 2020 (latest update).

Most likely, whoever developed the interface didn’t label anything.

It also doesn’t seem to matter what browser is being used.

I have tried:

Internet explorer, edge (latest version), google chrome (latest version) and brave.




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