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I think for a one person subscription it is around $70 per year, for up to five it is around $100 per year.
That gives you access to all of the Microsoft Office programs that you can download rather than use the web versions.

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You can get a small amount of space without a subscription. With a subscription you get a terabyte of space and other family members can share in your subscription each getting their own program copies and one terabyte of space.


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Does OneDrive require subscription to Office 365?
At 06:54 PM 7/15/2020, you wrote:
I too, prefer using one drive over drop box. I used drop box mainly to
send files to people. Then I found out I could do the same with one
drive just by providing a link to my one drive and the item they
needed. Drop box was costing me $150 per year for 2 or 3 Tbs, far more
then what I needed, one drive gives you 1 TB of storage and is included
in office 365, which only cost $119. Per year.

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