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Richard Turner <richardturner42@...>

From a fellow sufferer of this bug, I’m guessing she is running Jaws 2020 on Windows 10, or 2019 on Windows 10.  I reported this bug last year to FS and discovered that only a few people had this issue.

Eric Damery did a tandem session with me and he could observe it on my machine, this  was still with Jaws 2019.

They thought they had solved it in 2020, which did work fine for about 4 days.

Then, I lost the ability to use the shortcuts I had created.

So, I switched to using the pin to task bar, I think it is called, where Windows Key plus 1 launches the first program in the order pinned, etc.


I am the only user of this machine, I have admin rights up the ying yang, yet, they do not seem to know what causes this.

This is a Del Inspiron  57 something or other, laptop.






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Hi all,


I am working with a student who, when she hits Control Alt J to open JAWS, nothing happens. Same thing with hitting Control Alt N to open NVDA. I know that it is set correctly in JAWS shortcut Properties and she has admin privileges, so that is not the problem. Any idea what the problem might be? Does it have anything to do with updating drivers or something like that? If so, what do you do?


Any assistance is appreciated.





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