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Hi, Marv. I don't know if someone helped you off list, or, if you managed to figure out a solution on your own, but I thought I'd send this anyway just in case.
Lou N.

Creating a Graphic Label Manually

To practice creating a Graphic Label, use HJPad. To launch HJPad go to Start, All Programs, JAWS X (where X is the JAWS version number), Run HJPad.

Using the Graphics Labeler is easy, but before you start ensure that JAWS is set to speak graphics. Follow these steps to be sure:

  1. With HJPad open, press INSERT+V to open Quick Settings.
  2. In the Search box, type the term "graphics" (without the quotes), and then press DOWN ARROW to move to the Graphics option in the tree view.
  3. Press the SPACEBAR until you hear JAWS say, "All."
  4. Next, press ENTER to accept the change, and then close Quick Settings.

Now that all graphics will be spoken, you are ready to find a graphic to label.

  1. Press the NUM PAD MINUS key to activate the JAWS cursor.

Tip:    To navigate to the toolbar, first press PAGE UP to move to the top of the window, and then press HOME to move to the top, left.

  1. Use the ARROW Keys to move to the first toolbar button. You will hear, "Graphic XXX." XXX can indicate any number.
  2. Press INSERT+G to open the Graphics Labeler.
  3. When the Graphics Labeler is opened, the focus is in the edit field, where you should enter the label for the graphic. It will contain the graphic and the number that is assigned to it. Type the name for your graphic.
  4. Press the TAB key to move to the braille label field. Here you can enter a label for a braille display.
  5. Next press the TAB key to move to a group of radio buttons that will let you determine where you want to save the label, in the application file, default file, or both files.
  6. Press ENTER to activate your graphic label.

Note: To edit a graphic label, use the same procedure that you would to create a new graphic label, and just change the name of the label in the Graphics Labeler when it opens. To delete a graphic label, do the same, but delete the name in the Graphics Labeler.

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Subject: getting jaws to say unread

Good  afternoon listers; first, using jaws 2020                      and windows 10 1909 and windows 10 mail.  When I arrow down my message list, jaws says the date instead of unread.  I do not use e mail much, so, if anyone could tell me how to get jaws to say unread, I would appreciate it.



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