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On Wed, Jul 15, 2020 at 07:11 PM, Gary Ketler wrote:
If I interpreted what Brian was saying, I still have a few months for this to work out.
That is an accurate interpretation.   I'm waiting until I get the offer in the Windows Update Pane of the Update & Security Settings to Download and install the Version 2004 feature update before doing so.  I'll still use the ISO method to apply the update then, as I've already downloaded the ISO and have it readily available, and that saves me burning through a significant amount of the 20 GB per month of high speed wireless data I receive under my plan.

For myself, there's never any rush to apply a feature update prior to when Windows Update presents it.   But since I have multiple machines that will need to be updated, and the Windows 10 ISO file is between 4 and 6 GB, on average, I always download it when the first machine says it's ready for update, then use it to update that machine and all my others afterward when they present me with the option to Download and install the feature update.  It's a lot faster that way, too, even when you account for downloading whatever updates are identified as needed prior to the install starting.

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