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Ann Byrne

To be alerted when text is covered up in Excel, in quick settings (insert-v) check the box for cell text visibility detection.

At 03:18 PM 7/15/2020, you wrote:
Hi Dan,

Yes, this is exactly my problem.
The information is being read even if it cannot be seen.
I am using an old version of office, but i have the latest update for adobe
Is there any way that you know of, to have only those words read out that
are visible?
My problem is, that when i save something to send to someone else, i think,
that the formatting is all right, as jaws reads everything.
Its only when someone asks "where is my info" that i find out it is not
I tried saving it as a web page, but this is of little use either.
I read somewhere on the web, that if you select the entire work sheet and
then paste it into word, it creates a table.
Yes it does, and jaws reads it out, but if there is too much text in the
table column, it is wrapped in a way, that the first line of text seems to
belong to the column above it.
Again, this can only be verified by someone who can see it.


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The screen reader will always read all of the text in an XL column even if
the column is truncated and the words are not visible.

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