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David Griffith

OneDrive does a good job of intelligently  working out what files you need in the cloud to save space. It is  ab it like DropBox SmartSync. But like DropBox you can specify through the context menu on a folder or file files that you want to always keep on this device.
I am now a fan of Smart Sync and OneDrive intelligent syncing. I only have 512 GB drive on my laptop Windows machine and similarly on my Mac Machine.
However whilst online I can pretty much instantly access nearly 3 and a half gigabytes of data with rarely any trouble, files just take slightly longer to load and it is really as if I have massive drives in my machines. 
The only thing is that you need to ensure that you keep critical passwords for connecting to the internet etc stored on documents that are always available either in DropBox or OneDrive or you may face the Catch 22 problem if your internet fails of not being able to access an internet connection because you need an internet connection to re-enter the password.

David Griffith
David Griffith


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Hi All,
Microsoft keeps prompting me to think about using One Drive on my home laptop.  We just started using it at work.   Can someone explain to me if One Drive is like DropBox in that I can store my files on my hard drive and choose which files to move to One Drive.  Or, if I enable One Drive, will all my files be transitioned to One Drive and I’ll have to flag which ones I want to  keep offline copies of?  The latter is how we do it at work, but since I didn’t set it up on my work laptop, I’m not sure if I have a choice on my personal laptop as to how One Drive works.   Just a little flustered about changing how I do things and being able to find my files.
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