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Just as a data point, it does appear that Microsoft has now built-in "hardware readiness checking" to the Feature Update process.  Several people have reported that they had the update work on some of their computers, and fail on others, with a message given that the machine could not update to Windows 10.  The "can't update to Windows 10" part is inaccurate as they are already on Windows 10, so I hope they eventually change the wording to say something like, "can't apply this feature update to Windows 10 on this computer."  I intentionally attempted to force the update on a spare laptop I have where the Windows Update Pane is stating that it's "not quite ready" for the feature update, just to see if one could actually force it or if it would stop itself.  It goes far further into the process of applying the update than makes sense to me if it's going to later call a halt on it, but I don't design when the checks occur, Microsoft does.

Here is the exact text of the message that follows the big, "Attention" banner:

This PC can't be upgraded to Windows 10.

Your PC settings aren't supported yet on this version of Windows 10. Microsoft is working to support your settings soon. No action is needed. Windows Update will offer this version of Windows 10 automatically when these settings are supported.

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So it appears that Microsoft has now made it impossible to force update machines that it deems are "not quite ready" for a given Feature Update.


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