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Soronel Haetir

I wonder if the TypeKey function is capable of generating a pure ctrl
key event. There's also SimulateKey and DoNativeKey.

On 2/27/12, CM54 <> wrote:
If they have to be concecutive and you know that there isn't anything else
you have to do inbetween, why don't you unload and reload Jaws once you're
done exicuting the two commands? I know that there's also the silence Jaws
layerd keystroke command, but I don't know if doing that instead would also
enable you to bypass the Jaws stuff or if it's really just to shut Jaws up.

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Good question!

I want to pass 2 keystrokes, which need to be delivered in rapid succession
To activate a feature in a programme, I need to press ctrl twice quickly.
Obviously, jaws interprets ctrl as silence.

However, I'm concerned that pressing ins + 3 after the first ctrl has been
passed through will prevent the prog from recognizing the command.

Help please

On 2/23/12, Dondi <> wrote:
Hello Everyone,

I know about the bypass key insert+3. But is there anyway to turn this
bypass feature on so it stays on until I turn it off?

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