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Hi Randy,
In Windows, ever since I can remember, the last sound device plugged into
the computer becomes the default.
Typically this refers to USB devices,
When the last device is removed, the default sound device before that should
return to the default position.
Right now I can't tell you why Jaws is not co-operating.


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Yes, I have speakers into my sound blaster card and headphones into my on
board Realtek audio. Today, I plugged in my camera for a Zoom meeting.
Jaws stopped speaking through sound blaster and tried speaking through the
speaker built in to my camera. It was too quiet to hear, but fortunately,
narrator was loud enough to hear through the small camera speaker.

I had to go to windows 10 sound settings and switch the focus back to the
sound blaster card, and all audio came through fine.

I still have the sound blaster card checked in Jaws, which should mean that
all Jaws audio comes through it, even when a different audio output is
selected in windows 10 settings.

I would like to figure out how to make this work properly.

Randy Meyer

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Hi Randy,
Do you have a set of speakers plugged into each soundcard?

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Subject: Sound Card Question Windows 10

I am using latest Jaws 2020 and windows 10. I have my sound blaster card
selected in Jaws, but when I go to sound settings in windows and change to a
different sound card, I lose Jaws speech.

I thought if I specifically selected the sound blaster card in Jaws, and not
the windows default sound, Jaws would always speak through the sound blaster
card, regardless of selection in windows 10 sound settings.

I am trying to route Jaws to the sound blaster card and other sounds to the
built in realtek sound card.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Also, when I plug in any new sound output device, such as a camera, windows
10 makes this the active sound output device, effectively turning off Jaws

Randy Meyer

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