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Joseph, thank you for the information about the change in the updates issue. this is good to know.

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Date: Tuesday, July 14, 2020, 4:21 PM
Subject: Windows 10 question
The fastest way to find out what Windows 10 release you are using is: Start
menu, type "winver" (without quotes) and press Enter. Listen to the line
that starts with "Version".
As for automatic updates: yes, it is advised to keep this enabled. In the
past, people gave conflicting advice in regards to keeping automatic updates
on or off, mainly because of concern that you may find yourself upgraded to
more recent Windows 10 release (termed "feature updates"). Times have
changed since then - Microsoft will not install new Windows 10 feature
updates (releases) unless your system (hardware and software) is deemed
compatible with the new update.
Although the following will not directly address automatic updates question
posed, it provides a short overview on what is happening with feature
updates (source: the Win10 forum I mentioned earlier):,,,100,0,0,0::Created,,featu

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Subject: Windows 10 question

Hi again all,
Can someone please tell me how to find out what vertion of Windows 10 I'm
running? Just curious to know that's all. Also, should I have automatic
updates turned on? Thanks Madison


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