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Rick Miller

Okay, but does anybody know how to get into the Gallery view?




Rick Miller


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Hi. I can answer a couple of your questions.

First, you get to the participant list by pressing alt-U. You have to tab around until you get to the list of names; then you can arrow up and down. This is somewhat buggy. They claim they’re going to fix it so that every time you get into the participant list you’ll be put in the list of names by default, but they haven’t fixed it yet.

To chat with a participant, you have to open the chat panel. You do this by pressing alt-H. That opens the chat panel. You then tab around until you find the names of participants and press enter on the name of the person you want to chat with. By default it’s set to send a chat to everyone.

Hope this helps.

John Riehl



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Subject: JAWS and Zoom


Dear Listers:


I am taking part in a class at church via Zoom.  I know how to join a meeting and how to mute and unmute my microphone, but there are a few things I am having problems with.  First, when you join a meeting, how do you get to the Gallery view using JAWS?  Also, when I get to the list of participants JAWS won’t read the list whenever I arrow up and down.  Also, I know there is a spot where it says, “Find a participant.”  I assume you enter the person’s name and then the person’s name will show.  But if you want to send a message to that participant, how do you do it?  Whenever I find the “Find Participant,” link and enter the person’s name, when I tab again it just gives me the option to either clear the search or cancel.  So what does this mean?




Rick Miller


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