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Richard <thegothot@...>

Hi Shai,
From within the Jaws interface, select the soundcard option in Utilities.
Select the headset for Jaws.
In the volume control options, set your computer soundcard as the system
With this configuration, Jaws speech should come thru the headset,
and all other Windows audio should come thru the computer soundcard.
This should accomplish what you are wanting to do.


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Subject: Sharing audio sound Zoom with JAWS2020

I am a teacher of students with visual impairment. I would like to be
able to share both the sound and video from my computer in Zoom so
that my students can watch a movie I will be showing but I do not want
the sound of my JAWS (JAWS 2020) to come through.
How can I still use speech but not have the sound coming through?
I do have both bluetooth headphones and a headset but I am thinking
that anything shared on Zoom down the audio channel will pass unless
there is some intervention taken on my part.
Thank you in advance for any responses.

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