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Tom Behler


I use a USB headset when doing Zoom meetings, so Jaws won't be heard by other meeting participants.

If you use the USB headset, and make the headset your default audio device when the headset is plugged in, Jaws should play through the headphones. This way, noone will hear Jaws, even if your mic is unmuted.

I would think this should be true even if you are sharing your screen with others, but I'm hoping someone will correct me if I'm wrong.

I'm actually facing the same challenge with some teaching I'm going to be doing within the next month, so will be interested in other responses we get to this thread.

Tom Behler

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Subject: Sharing audio sound Zoom with JAWS2020

I am a teacher of students with visual impairment. I would like to be able to share both the sound and video from my computer in Zoom so that my students can watch a movie I will be showing but I do not want the sound of my JAWS (JAWS 2020) to come through.
How can I still use speech but not have the sound coming through?
I do have both bluetooth headphones and a headset but I am thinking that anything shared on Zoom down the audio channel will pass unless there is some intervention taken on my part.
Thank you in advance for any responses.

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