Moderated Re: Any thoughts on getting latest version of Firefox (78.0.1) to work better with older JFW (2018)?

JM Casey

Ah, interesting. This must be a separate issue. I haven't really found it to be the case, though -- turning off virtual cursor when moving around seems to make it work ok. I also usually just use alt-b anyway, and have no trouble with bookmarks.

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Subject: Re: Any thoughts on getting latest version of Firefox (78.0.1) to work better with older JFW (2018)?

theres one thing that will hang firefox every time with jaws is when you open the bookmark list with control i or shift control b etc.
also if you leave the bookmark list open after you use control i. it will eventually hang, even when focus is not in the bookmark list.
window eyes did the same thing. this doesn't hapen if i use n v d a or narrator instead.

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Subject: Any thoughts on getting latest version of Firefox (78.0.1) to work better with older JFW (2018)?

Hey folks. Yes, I know JAWS 2018 is behind the curve, now, and that an upgrade would be beneficial. However, I’m not in a position to upgrade at this time. At the risk of running a huge struggle to continue using outdated software, I would like to know if anybody has any ideas of configuration settings that might make Firefox less crashy using this screen-reader. I know its’ an issue between interaction with JAWS and firefox and, frankly, always has been since the advent of Quantum. I tested this with nVDA (2019.3 and 2020.1) and it’s a lot less crashy. In fact I have failed to make Firefox crash even once using this other screen-reader. I know some users of JAWS 2020 have reported crashes, too, but I’m unable to test that currently and at a guess, newer versions of JFW should probably work better as well as NVDA. Anyway, since I’m not looking to downgrade firefox and not quite ready to either upgrade or give up JFW for the web browsing experience, in part because it works so nicely with my Focus braille display, just wondering if there are any flags/options I can alter in about:preferences or about:config (firefox’s “hidden” advanced settings page containing literally thousands of configurable options) that might help me have a smoother experience. Right now, since FF updated to 78.0.1 a week or two ago, everything from wikipedia pages to my old wisp’s webmail is crashing tabs. This only happens when jFW is running.

NB: I’m aware of other browsers and use them, so no need to suggest just switching browsers. Thanks!!

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