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Hi David,


Thanks for that. I downloaded the desktop version of itunes. I downloaded it from the apple website, but then I had to update it.

Once I did, it recognized my iphone 7 and everything was good.


Thanks to you all for the info.







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It is true that there is a learning curve to using iTunes.

 It  is impossible to  cover in one email all the multiple aspects  so I will assume you want in the first place just to see your music library and be able to navigate the various parts of iTunes.   I think  is that for a smooth screen reading experience you need to have column browser set as your view.

Unfortunately   Apple have in their wisdom made switching to column browser obscurely difficult.

Basically if you tab round i’tunes you will find a sidebar view table under which you can set the view for iTunes. I think the default is album, there will be another called artist, but the view setting you need is for songs.

Once you  have songs set as your  view  you will find that there  are extra options available in the view menu.

Now you can enable column browser and also specify which columns you want to show. Personally I do not bother with Genre.

Now your library will be arrange in easy columns of artist, albums and songs. As you cursor down artists the albums available  will be shown, and once an  album is highlighted  the songs available will be shown. You can tab and shift tab to each column providing actually a very good music playing experience.

In fact for iTunes you are probably better off with NVDA in the actual music library as NVDA supports fast forward and rewind whilst Jaws still, the last time I checked, still announces not in a table.

This might get you started. Once in column view you can press control F to bring up the Find menu. This is a convenient shortcut to navigate to the part of iTunes area  which allows  access as tabbing simply  from the search area  will allow you to open up for example the Apple Music Sore.

 Remember that that if you do not want to use Apple Music you have also to disable Show Apple Music Features in preferences. You need to , the last time I checked, to do this to enable the buying of individual songs and albums.

David Griffith 

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I have just installed itunes on my windows 10 laptop.

I am still running jaws 2018, although i do have the 40 minute version of jaws2020 latest version installed.

I have been deciding whether to go with android or apple from an accessibility point of view.

It looks like apple is wining!!!

Anyway to get back to my original point:

I installed itunes, but it is very hard to find out exactly what is going on. There just seems to be a lot of controls (buttons lists etc), but they don’t take you anywhere or tell you what has been activated.


Any help would be appreciated.


Kind regards,





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