moderated Go to date command not work in Google calendar

Michael Munn

Hi all, this is Michael. I don't know if y'all experienced this problem before. Everytime in Google Calendar when I press the G key to perform the go to date command, the command end up not working. 
Here is what I did 
I get in to Google Calendar by typing 
When I'm in Google Calendar, I pressed the letter G and here is what I get as a feedback from Jaws. Go to date dialog  
Date Edit
Jul 10, 2020 Type in text. I type in the date that I want to go to in this case is Aug 3, 2020 and here is what I get as a feedback. 
 Google Calendar - August 2020 - Google Chrome.  Google Chrome is my primary browser. Please tell me which part that I did wrong. 
Thanks y'all so much.
Best regards 
Michael Munn 

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