Moderated Excel Page Down

Brenda Emerson-Alford

Hello Listers,


I have three different questions which I will post in separate messages.  Recently my computer came to an early demise due to an unfortunate incident with a glass of ice tea.  It has been a long recovery effort for me.  Several issues have come up that weren't problems in the past but since rebuilding everything somewhat from scratch things have not exactly worked the same.  I have spent considerable time in both the options sections of the different MS programs including outlook, excel and word along with the JAWS setting center.


My question about Excel is the following:

In the past I have used the page down key (num pad 3) to drop down several rows at a time along with the page up (num pad 9) to go up several lines.  When I press the page up key it takes me all the way to the top of the spreadsheet.  When I try to move down by several lines it also takes me to the first row.  This is very frustrating since I have several large spreadsheets which I use for personal banking and monitoring where we are traveling.  Any suggestions on a setting I need to adjust?


I am using the latest version of JAWS 2019, Windows 10 and MS Excel 2016.


Thanks for your assistance.


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