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Hi Paul,


There is a difference between turning on the screen curtain on an iPhone and saving battery. A few things are involved here:

1. If you have an iPhone like the iPhone X, XS/XS Max or 11S/11S Max which have OLEd screens and not LCD screens, turning on screen curtain may in fact save a little bit of battery because OLED screens do not require backlighting like LCD screens.

2. In theory if you have an LCD screen model like the iPhone 8, SE, XR or 11 then turning on screen curtain makes no difference because it simply makes every pixel on the screen black. However, in recent versions of iOS I believe turning on screen curtain also drops the brightness level to 0% and in fact that is where your battery savings comes in. Of course you could overwrite automatic brightness and turn the brightness to 0% manually and if you did this there would be no difference in battery usage whether screen curtain is on or not, it's the brightness level/backlighting which uses up battery power.


I am not sure how this works on a laptop, but I assume turning on Jaws screen shade does not change the brightness level and if that is true then turning it on will make no difference to how much battery is used up.



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Hi Ashleigh,


No, its nothing like that at all, the main reason for wanting the display constantly  off is that on a laptop one of the biggest drains on the battery is the display, since I don’t use it anyway it just makes sense to have it turned off to conserve battery life. The iPhone  has a similar function called screen curtain  which you can set to be on all the time, it turns the display off which hugely conserves battery life  on the phone. I really just wanted this function to  make the battery charge last longer when using my laptop, rather than wasting battery life powering a display which I’m not using anyway. Thanks for reaching out though to check I was doing ok, its nice to know people  are watching out  for each other here, but I’m doing absolutely fine, hope you are too.



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I just want to know why you’d want the screen shade to be permanent? I just hope it’s nothing that your searcin for that you don’t want everyone else seeing, like end of life stuff-suicide stuff, I mean. Please e-mail me privately at apiccinino@... to answer this question, okay?

Ashleigh Piccinino


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Hi everyone,


I recently discovered Jaws has a screen shade function which turns off the display of  your PC. It seems to be a temporary option however, as every time I restart my PC I have to reenable screen shade. I have tried both the layered key stroke and setting  screen shade through quick settings , but as mentioned both seem to only activate  jaws screen shade until I boot down my laptop. Does anyone know is there a way of setting jaws so screen shade is always on?


Paul Lemm

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