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having screen curtain turned on would preserve at least some battery, since not having to power the backlight of a display would reduce some battery consumption. This is why low power mode when activated on both the iPhone and most laptops along with other functions they will dim the Brightness of the screen to preserve battery power, as the brighter the screen the more battery power it takes, so having screen curtain on and therefore having brightness dimmed down to almost zero would preserve some battery. I think any pc or smart phone site advising on saving battery life will almost always tell you to reduce the brightness of your screen to preserve battery life. However, I think like Jim said though, it’s probably not such a huge saving and probably less than it used to be years ago with advances in technology and the display being less power hungry than they would have been in the past




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The screen curtain   In Jaws will not save on your battery!



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Hi Ashleigh,


No, its nothing like that at all, the main reason for wanting the display constantly  off is that on a laptop one of the biggest drains on the battery is the display, since I don’t use it anyway it just makes sense to have it turned off to conserve battery life. The iPhone  has a similar function called screen curtain  which you can set to be on all the time, it turns the display off which hugely conserves battery life  on the phone. I really just wanted this function to  make the battery charge last longer when using my laptop, rather than wasting battery life powering a display which I’m not using anyway. Thanks for reaching out though to check I was doing ok, its nice to know people  are watching out  for each other here, but I’m doing absolutely fine, hope you are too.



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I just want to know why you’d want the screen shade to be permanent? I just hope it’s nothing that your searcin for that you don’t want everyone else seeing, like end of life stuff-suicide stuff, I mean. Please e-mail me privately at apiccinino@... to answer this question, okay?

Ashleigh Piccinino


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Hi everyone,


I recently discovered Jaws has a screen shade function which turns off the display of  your PC. It seems to be a temporary option however, as every time I restart my PC I have to reenable screen shade. I have tried both the layered key stroke and setting  screen shade through quick settings , but as mentioned both seem to only activate  jaws screen shade until I boot down my laptop. Does anyone know is there a way of setting jaws so screen shade is always on?


Paul Lemm

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