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paul lemm

Hi Ashleigh,


No, its nothing like that at all, the main reason for wanting the display constantly  off is that on a laptop one of the biggest drains on the battery is the display, since I don’t use it anyway it just makes sense to have it turned off to conserve battery life. The iPhone  has a similar function called screen curtain  which you can set to be on all the time, it turns the display off which hugely conserves battery life  on the phone. I really just wanted this function to  make the battery charge last longer when using my laptop, rather than wasting battery life powering a display which I’m not using anyway. Thanks for reaching out though to check I was doing ok, its nice to know people  are watching out  for each other here, but I’m doing absolutely fine, hope you are too.



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I just want to know why you’d want the screen shade to be permanent? I just hope it’s nothing that your searcin for that you don’t want everyone else seeing, like end of life stuff-suicide stuff, I mean. Please e-mail me privately at apiccinino@... to answer this question, okay?

Ashleigh Piccinino

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Hi everyone,


I recently discovered Jaws has a screen shade function which turns off the display of  your PC. It seems to be a temporary option however, as every time I restart my PC I have to reenable screen shade. I have tried both the layered key stroke and setting  screen shade through quick settings , but as mentioned both seem to only activate  jaws screen shade until I boot down my laptop. Does anyone know is there a way of setting jaws so screen shade is always on?


Paul Lemm

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