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paul lemm

Hi everyone,


thanks everyone for your replies. It’s a shame it doesn’t seem like there is a built in feature/setting to turn it on permanently. Still the ability to turn of the display is still a handy feature and who knows maybe they’ll add in a permanent setting in some later version. at least there is a layered keystroke  so it’s at least nice and easy to just turn on/off . Mario, I did see your reply/suggestion, I was really just hoping for a straight forward setting in Jaws somewhere, I’m not really sure how  to amend the auto start commands in Jaws and I don’t want to accidently break jaws 😊 since I mainly use my desktop  and only use the laptop occasionally (where screen shade would be used) I’ll just stick with manually turning the feature on/off, but thank you for your suggestion


Paul Lemm


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Hi Paul,


To the best of my knowledge, no it can't be turned on permanently.  For others that are unfamiliar with this Jaws feature it's explained below.


Note:  This feature is only available with Jaws2018 & Newer, running Windows 10.  I'm not sure, but possibly Windows 8.1 as well.
 Jaws Key + Spacebar followed by F11 or Printscreen both toggle screen curtain on and off.
The screen shade setting does not appear in the Jaws Settings Center and is only accessible through the layered  keystroke feature or, Jaws quick settings. 
 The layered keystroke feature is when you  hold down the Insert key then press down the spacebar, let up on both keys, then press a third key to perform
a particular task.
 In this case the layered keystroke to turn the, Screen Shade, On or Off task is below: 
 Hold down the Insert key, then press down the spacebar, now let up on both keys, and tap either the, Print Screen, key,  or the, F11 key.
 With each press of this keystroke sequence you will hear Jaws report either, Screen shade on or, Screenn shade off. 
 Since the Jaws screen shade feature isn't available in the Settings Center, and can be only accessed by the 2 ways mentioned above, here's the way to
check its current setting through Jaws quick settings: 
 BTW,  whether you're in Explorer or a program, the screen shade setting is found in the General Options category of Jaws quick settings. So, when, in
or on, most places of your computer press, Insert + V, to open Jaws quick settings. 
Down arrow until you hear Jaws report, General Options, and if Jaws reports that it's closed right arrow to open. 
 Now continue down arrowing until you hear Jaws report, Screen Shade, either checked or unchecked.  Pressing the spacebar will toggle this setting on &
off, checked being, On, and unchecked being, Off. 
 If you make a settings change for this setting or others, then tab to the, Okay button, press enter to save your settings changes & close quick settings. 

Take care.  Mike.  Sent from my iBarstool.
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Subject: Permanently activating Jaws screen shade


Hi everyone,


I recently discovered Jaws has a screen shade function which turns off the display of  your PC. It seems to be a temporary option however, as every time I restart my PC I have to reenable screen shade. I have tried both the layered key stroke and setting  screen shade through quick settings , but as mentioned both seem to only activate  jaws screen shade until I boot down my laptop. Does anyone know is there a way of setting jaws so screen shade is always on?


Paul Lemm

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