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On Tue, Jul 7, 2020 at 06:32 PM, Maria Campbell wrote:
That certainly works but what a far cry from the ease of creating favorites in IE.
Also, creating favorites within a browser is still a CTRL+D away.  I've generally recommended keeping Bookmarks/favorites manager open at all times as one of your tabs if you use these frequently.

Creating favorites in a folder is now a workaround for a built-in function of the browser.

I don't use bookmarks/favorites very frequently anymore due to browser history.  After I type a couple of characters of a given website the full URL generally shows up in the dropdown list below.  Now, mind you, I can see this and directly point and click, but down-arrowing is also possible, with enter to activate once you land on it.  And the sites you use most frequently tend to be at the very top of those history lists.

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