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Richard Turner <richardturner42@...>

In Outlook, while in the message, pressing insert+a puts the focus on the attachments, then alt+down arrow lets you decide if you want to open, save, etc.

Or as Andrew pointed out, you can use the file menu and select save all attachments or just save attachment.

If you select save all attachments, you will get an OK button and then you can navigate to the folder where you want all the attachments to be saved and hit enter.

Then, use Windows explorer (file explorer) to go to that folder to open them.

Note, if it is a Word document, you will probably have to Enable editing as outlook by default puts documents into protected mode.






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Hi Madison,


Thank you for responding.  I tried your suggestion without success.





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Hi Laura,

Once you’re in the message that has the attachment (s), just shift + tab and that will take you to the attachment. Hope this helps!



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Subject: Getting to attachments




Is there another way other than pressing alt plus a to get to an email attachment?  I’m using Jaws 18 and Outlook 2016.




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