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Klaus Vielhauer

Thanks Brian,

I was refering to the Edge favorites folder. Previously with theIE folder on the desktop it was much easier to acces a saved link.

Therefor for now I still use the old "Internet explorer folder" which then opens in Edge. However it is no longer updated with new links generated with Edge.

Opening Edge an tabbing to favorites and tabbing to the saved links needs much more key presses.

And even worse, when in the favorites list you cannot jump to a given link by keyboard letter presses.

Or? do I miss something?


On 7/5/2020 5:57 PM, Brian Vogel wrote:
On Sun, Jul 5, 2020 at 07:28 AM, Klaus Vielhauer wrote:
with internet explorer I put a shortcut for favorites on my desktop.
Do you mean a shortcut to the Favorites file?  If so, then no, the equivalent does not exist for modern browsers.

If you mean shortcuts that allow you to activate them and open certain websites that are your favorites, then yes, that can still be done.  If you're using Edge as your default browser, then the easiest way (at least to me) is to copy the URL for which you want a desktop shortcut out of the address bar, then use the New,Shortcut option from the Desktop context menu to create one.  You also have the option of using Google Chrome for desktop shortcut creation (which will still open in whatever you have set as your default browser) by opening the URL under Chrome or Brave, then using its More Tools, Create Shortcut option to place the shortcut on your desktop.

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