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Sean Murphy


Jaws and the FS focus uses dot8 plus spacebar with dot 1 through to dot 6. For example: dot 8 and dot 4 is the window key. Dot 8, dot 6 is the alt key. They are also called layer keys meaning you have to issue dot 8, dot 6 with spacebar, then a alpha key like f to activate alt f. I have not done deep dive to see how this is actually done with the FS focus.

The reason for sharing the above is it should be possible with any braille display without script work. First I would suggest you read the FS documentation on the FS braille display to understand the commands. Then try them out with the keyboard help. This will give you the script name. Then you can look this up in the keyboard manager.

Otherwise you will have to create a script in the default.jss file. When you issue a keyboard command, you are sending the relevant command you want. There is a function for sending keys to the OS.

This is just a quick note to let you know the two possibilities. If I had more time, I would dig deeper for you.

The worse case situation the above commands are drive based which I would find very surprising.


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Hi folks,

Would it involve fancy scripting or is there anyway of mapping keys on a braille display to certain functions, like the F1 through F12 keys, setting keystrokes for an Alt_F4 function, ETC? I just learned that Orbit has not even developed these commands for Jaws and there display, though they did put the commands in the User guide. They've promised an updated user guide, but no word whether they will implement the F1 through F12 key commands yet. In fact, there are a lot of keys on the Orbit that don't seem to be mapped to any functions in Remote mode at all.

Thanks for any advice,


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