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kevin meyers

I have encountered the same problem. I have my mouse pad turned off by pressing function key and F7. Jumping up to the top of the screen still happens. Freedom Scientific says it is a problem with the web site. A friend with site doesn’t encounter the problem on my laptop with Jaws turned off. Thus telling me it is a Jaws issue.


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I’ve experienced this a little, too.  In my case, my hypothesis is that I have been accidentally hitting the mouse touchpad with the sides of my thumb or hand as I type or rest my hands.  I taped an index card over the touch pad and this has really cut down on my issues.  If you are using a laptop with a touchpad below the spacebar, you might cover it or disable it to see if this is part of your issue.  I don’t turn mine off because my sighted kids also   use my laptop.




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I also experience my cursor jumping in a word document for example, or in the midst of composing an email. I will go back to proof the document only to find the cursor jumped and I am writing in the midst of an earlier paragraph.

It has been going onin Jaws 19 and 20. I am using office 365.


Please remind me how to set a temporary place marker using googlechrome.

With much thanks.

Sharon Ballantyne




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I have been frustrated by this, too, especially if I’m trying to capture bits of information from  the site.  Like another suggested, I have started using setting a temporary placemarker with Control Windows K.  Then, when you come back to the webpage, hit the K key and you’ll jump to the placemarker. 



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Subject: Re: Jumping cursor


Hello everyone,


How do I stop the cursor on a web page from jumping back to the top of the page when I’ve left the page and returned to it, only to find myself at the top and having to find my place again?


Many thanks.



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