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On Fri, Jul 3, 2020 at 01:12 PM, Dave Durber wrote:
According to Microsoft's Disability Help Line, when you use the "Reset this PC" function, you are supposed to get a choice as to whether you want to reset the PC from the Microsoft server or, from the local machine.
As has already been noted by Joseph Lee, this set of Reset options was introduced with Windows 10 Version 2004.  If you do not have Windows 10 Version 2004 already, they are not going to be presented.

And I have no idea why you'd even bother booting into talking Windows PE if you have a sighted assistant to do a one-time boot order reset to cause the machine to boot from Windows 10 install media.  Once the Windows 10 installer fires up you can turn on Narrator and go the rest of the way straight from the install media.  I've supplied these instructions many times, Doing a Completely Clean (Re)install of Windows 10 Using Media Creation Tool to Create Bootable Win10 Install Media on a USB Thumb Drive


, and the Windows 10 installer will either install over the current disk setup or you can escape to command prompt and nuke the drive yourself, because Narrator should be up by then if you invoke it.  If the reinstall is for yourself, the whole set of steps escaping to Command Prompt are very often unnecessary.

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