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In order to use online method, you must install May 2020 Update (Version 2004). Apart from downloading the installer image for the Windows 10 version you have, it is identical to local install option. This means this option won’t solve the intended use case – you cannot really repartition the drive or do a complete clean install via external media; to do that, you still need to boot to the installation media.






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According to Microsoft's Disability Help Line, when you use the "Reset this PC" function, you are supposed to get a choice as to whether you want to reset the PC from the Microsoft server or, from the local machine. I would have to use the remote option because this computer came with Windows 7 as the pre-Installed operating system.


when I used the Reset This PC function, I did not get any choices at all


The problem is, the computer I am trying to reset does not boot either from the CD/DVD or USB, so, I need someone with sight to go into the BIOS and change the boot sequence, then, I can use boot media to run a Talking windows Pre-windows Environment to clear the current partition and then install a new installation of Windows 10.




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Did you install Windows 10 locally, that is, the OEM version which came with a name brand computer or, did you install Windows from the Microsoft server?

That has nothing to do with the behavior of the Reset function (Settings, Update & Security, Recovery Pane, Reset this PC section, Get Started button).  It's a part of Windows 10, whether that's what came with the computer or not.

Depending on which version of Windows 10 you're running there can be certain differences below the level that the user deals with, but that's not relevant to it being accessible with Narrator once Reset is far enough along (which isn't far) to allow Narrator to be invoked.

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