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Randy Meyer


I own and have used an ElBraille for two years. The best tips I can give
you are:

Use the focus Braille display manual to help you learn the commands.

Plug a standard USB keyboard into your ElBraille to help you get through the
learning curve. I haven't needed this for over a year, but it was helpful
at the beginning.

Make sure you set your Braille settings in Jaws to how you want them. I use
grade 2 UEB and adjusted other settings to my liking.

I installed MS office and use it for all my note taking. I did not find the
special software installed on the machine to be very helpful.

If you have the new faster ElBraille, I really envy you. I like my
ElBraille, but the first generation ElBraille is on the slow side.

If you want to email or talk privately off list, just let me know.

Randy Meyer

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hi list,

Michelle Stevens here,

Can anyone tell me where I can get aemail list for elbraille users. I have a
brand new elbraille for my work. Am quite lost at the moment.

Is there anyone who would be prepared to help me toget started.

I have read the getting started guide, have installed Jaws pro 2020 and
connected to my wifi. Am trying to remember the new shortcut keys.

Much appreciated.


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