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I am not sure if this would help, but after I installed jaws 2020, I got a 90 day local key.

Once I installed it, jaws kept starting up, but there was no jaws window.

The only way to get the jaws window back was to stop and then restart jaws 2020.

By various methods of installing/uninstalling it and 2018, I am fairly sure, that all of these type of problems are to do with their “grace period” authorization that was introduced in 2019.

Basically, it allows jaws to start while it is checking your authorization, or whether it should be running in demo mode.

In other words, and in my opinion, jaws is trying to have its cake and eat it at the same time.

As a programmer, in such things, it should be done one thing at a time, even if there is a small delay in jaws starting.

That way, it would be sure of its authorization state before it actually starts.

I would say, that this is your problem. Jaws cannot decide whether you are authorized or not.

In my experience, don’t bother trying to find a fix for this. There is none!!!

The difference between your good self and me, is that I am using windows 10 home edition.

I also suspect, that the startup of jaws, and how reliable it is, depends on the machine, e.g. speed of processor, solid state drive, available memmory etc.


Hope this points you in some direction.




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Subject: Why Jaws demo mode?


Ever since I installed the current version of Jaws a few days ago Jaws has been switching to demo mode occasionally and telling me it is going to shut down in a few minutes and to restart my computer. Does anyone have a theory as to why this occurs ? Using Windows 7.   Tom

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