moderated Re: Copying Selected Text

David Griffith

You should first of all check that you are set to copy with the Virtual cursor in Jaws. Press Jaws V in your web browser and type copy in the search field.
Make sure that the copy is not for all formats etc but for virtual cursor.

Otherwise it  is possible that the web site you are on does not want you to copy text directly and is blocking copy. The only way around this I am aware of is to use Speech history.
Jaws plus space then H for history.
Here you can copy whatever Jaws has been reading.
David G.

On 2 Jul 2020, at 23:22, Ed Culpepper <eculpepper1@...> wrote:

I am having difficulty copying selected text to my clipboard. Jaws 2020 tells me that I have selected text with the keystroke Control-Shift + right arrow. When I use Control + c to copy the selected text nothing happens. This occurs on webpages and eBook texts read with Thorium reader. Select and copy commands work as accustomed in Office 2016 applications. How can I copy selected text from webpages, eBooks, etc.? I must be missing a simple keystroke.
Many thanks for any assistance. 
J Edward Culpepper, PhD
Huntsville, Alabama

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