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Control M is the shortcut to mute and unmute. I'll see what else I can find. You cannot just go into a room without an invitation, but you can do as I have done and ask someone to set up a practice meting where the whole point is for you to log in with your friend and practice moving around. Frankly, I haven't figured out all the features such as chat, whiteboarding and so on. I do the basics such as share my screen. In the version I use, I find it easiest to use the menus at the top that work like an old-school menu system.

A meeting organizer may choose to mute all participants at once to block background noise. Then each person who wants to speak needs to unmute or the host can unmute you. As I noted, Control M is the toggle. If you are listening to the meting via a phone and not via the computer speakers, hitting *6 will mute or unmute your phone line.

Hope that helps to get you started.

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The last time I was invited to a Webex meeting, my audio was muted and I couldn't find the place to unmute it. So the host phoned me, and I talked on the phone while they watch me on video, which was pretty silly. Are there Webex-with-JAWS instructions somewhere? My colleague has a Webex room. She said I could go there and check things out. I have to sign in, though, and I don't have an account. Is there a way to enter the room without signing in so that I can find the commands?

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